I just started renting where I live. Am I responsible if someone gets hurt in my place?

By May 27, 2011Blog

Congratulations on your new place! Once you get all your things settled in, the real excitement of discovering a new neighborhood, meeting new people and easing into your comfort zone will take over.

You’re probably also trying to get all your paperwork in order. Between setting up utilities and budgeting for rent, you’ve got a full plate. But you’re also wondering – what happens if someone gets hurt on my property? For example, your brother is helping you move and twists his ankle on the stairs. Or your new neighbor comes over for dinner and burns himself on a hot pan.

If someone is in your rental, you could be financially responsible if they get hurt. True, lots of people have health insurance. And you might think that your family and friends won’t look to you to cover it over an accident.

But the truth is, you never know what could happen. An injury could be anything from a minor cut to something more serious. And you don’t want to wait until after somebody gets hurt to find out that they view you as responsible for their medical expenses or lost wages.

One way you can help protect yourself is to get renter’s insurance with liability coverage. For a covered incident, it typically pays for instances where someone is hurt in your rental and either can’t pay the bills or decides to sue you for damages.

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